The Butterfly Dream

Feature Film


The Butterfly Dream is a work in progress. This feature film’s first incarnation was produced under the working title 4play.

As part of the development process, Readymade Productions’ Christopher Faull directed and produced a full ‘no budget’ version of his original story. Based upon a loose treatment, the main characters were cast, and the group of young actors worked with the director in exploring the story and workshopping the script over several months. Then with a small, enthusiastic crew they filmed a 93 minute digital version on virtually no budget, with all cast and crew donating their services to the production. Much more than simply documenting rehearsals, the shoot involved some twenty-five locations, numerous night shoots, and an extensive party sequence with more than fifty extras.

4play was an experiment which led to what has now become The Butterfly Dream. Reviewing the material, Christopher was joined by producer Mark Patterson (Paul Cox’s InnocenceHuman Touch) and together they developed the story. The film was then fully scripted, and revised…


Sophie is an attractive, independent 22 year old working in a must-buy-from boutique in Sydney’s trendy Paddington. She’s popular, goes to all the right parties, and has an emerging talent for fashion. She also has a dark secret, revealed one night when she totally freaks out when playfully held by a man at a party.

Two thousand kilometres away, Cass might be the same age as Sophie, but her world couldn’t be more different. She is bored by her very ‘ordinary’ life in sleepy Adelaide, and frustrated by the limited outlook of her friends.

Sophie and Cass have little in common – except appearance.  Apart from hair colour and a couple of kilos, they are identical. Twins? Coincidence? Or could they be the same person?

Enter Rene. The mysterious thirty year old lures Sophie to her rambling mansion on Sydney’s North Shore with an extraordinary collection of clothes, some dating back to the twenties. Sophie is invited to visit whenever she wants and… ‘play’. She is suspicious, but the offer is too good to resist.

In Adelaide, Cass is motivated by the suicide of a young man to embark upon an honesty quest: Why do we lie about our feelings and desires? Deep down inside, who am I? She starts to change her appearance, to explore her self-image, and challenge her friends. Boyfriend Alex tries to understand. Best friend Kristin is unsettled. And Cass’s repressive mother is furious.

Sophie’s talent blossoms with Rene’s help, and a friendship quickly develops. However, there’s something odd about Rene – small things, strange behaviour, ‘uncanny’ insights. And at times Sophie seems unwell. She’s also prone to disturbing dreams, and visions in which she viscously beats a man with a wooden statue.

One night Cass pushes too far, crossing the line and alienating herself from her friends. And when Sophie’s relationship with Rene turns intimate, Sophie pulls back, distancing herself from the one person who may be able to help.

Alone, Cass starts to frequent a night club where she meets Liam, the man of her dreams, the man in Sophie’s dream…

The Butterfly Dream. Two lives in one.