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Stories of Us is a unique series of education programs for primary and secondary students, professional development and community engagement. Created in collaboration with students, teachers and their communities, Stories of Us uses storytelling and robust interactive design to promote positive relationships and behaviour – to change school culture and help students flourish.

Combined with extensive instructional material, the programs centre on highly authentic films (and plays) built from the ground up with groups of students who collaborated in researching the subjects, developing the scripts and performing in the films. Every word is their own, and every detail approved by the students. The Stories of Us films hold a mirror to their collective reality and make for compelling viewing – however the key to their effectiveness is how the films are applied.

Internationally acclaimed by leading academics in education in Australia, the USA, Canada and the UK, the programs are now being used in approaching 30% of Australian secondary schools and 15% of primary. The success of these Australian programs led to the establishment of Stories of Us in the USA with the support of the universities of California, Illinois and Nebraska, and three of America’s leading bullying prevention specialists. The American programs are now used in 36 US states.

Australian and US studies of Stories of Us have consistently found statistically significant positive changes in student attitudes.

The Stories of Us programs are recommended by:

  • Australian Secondary Principals Association
  • Australian Primary Principals Association

And have been reviewed by and included in the KidsMatter Primary Programs Guide.


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  • Classroom Programs

    The classroom programs help students and teachers develop effective strategies to enhance awareness and understanding, and reduce bullying behaviours and improve the quality of relationships among students, and reduce stress.

    Designed with specialist psychologists, the resources take students through a structured program which is proven to be uncommonly effective. Multiple studies have found the Stories of Us classroom programs have a measurable, statistically significant, positive influence on student attitudes.

    Stories of Us speaks to the young audience in their own language, in a style and format they respect – showing students the harsh reality of negative behaviour and helping them find a path to positive relationships. Each film presents the story of two ‘students’ as they deal, in their own way, with the given issue. The films serve as a catalyst to explore the subtle dynamics in the development of the issue, and help the students develop an understanding of what happens and why – and how the situation can be improved. The extensive Teacher’s Guides outline multiple lesson plans with detailed support information for teachers. Because of their realism the films also form an excellent basis for extension activities in English.

    There are three classroom programs in the Australian secondary series – Bullying (Secondary), Relationships and Stress – and two in the primary series – Bullying (Primary) and Belonging.


    Secondary School Series (Aust)

    Primary School Series (Aust)

    In addition to the above resource-based programs, we are also offering a new service-based cyber-bullying intervention and education program for middle year students.

    Middle Years Program (Aust)

    There is also the American Promoting Positive Peer Relationships Bullying Prevention Program produced by our US organisation.

    Middle School Program (USA)


  • Staff Training

    The staff training programs provide step-by-step instructions for running flexible, group professional development sessions for staff. The programs combine expert instruction from leading scholars in Australian and the USA with highly authentic film material produced in collaboration with students and counsellors.

    Ken Rigby

    The Method of Shared Concern (Aust)

    Dr Ken Rigby interprets, and describes in detail, this internationally recognised Method for dealing with bullying in schools.

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    Middle School Program (USA)

    The Professional Development Resource from our American bullying prevention program.

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  • Community Programs

    The community programs provide step-by-step instructions for running flexible, group community education and engagement sessions to help families support their children in achieving improved health and academic outcomes.

    PaCE Family

    The Stories of Us PaCE Program (Aust)

    Enhancing the capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities to engage with schools and educators.

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    Girl in snow

    Middle School Program (USA)

    The Community Education Resource from our American bullying prevention program.

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Readymade’s Stories of Us programs were developed in close consultation with student counsellors and teachers from a range of schools, and produced with the support of:

  • Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
  • Department of Health and Ageing
  • South Australian Film Corporation
  • SA Department of Education and Child Development
  • MindMatters
  • beyondblue
  • South Australian Primary School Counselling Association
  • Optima Psychologists and Mediators





The American programs are supported by:

  • National Association of Secondary School Principals
  • American School Counselor Association
  • National Organizations for Youth Safety
  • US Department of Heath and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration
  • International Bullying Prevention Association