Interactive Wellbeing Programs

Readymade Productions specialises in creating film-based interactive wellbeing programs that are co-designed with, and feature, people with direct lived experience with the issues the programs help to address. Our unique methodology draws upon years of experience collaborating with representative cohorts of the target audiences and experts in relevant fields (psychologists, counsellors, scholars and educators). The films are authentic, compelling, and immersive. The interactive design helps to personalise the viewer’s experience and maximise the benefits. The resulting programs are content-rich and educative, and effective – providing hope, guidance and support to those seeking help with managing their own lived experience.

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Wellbeing Programs


The striking characteristic of the film was the absolute sense of reality and credibility of both characters and scenarios..

– David Richards, Counsellor realistic that I felt at times I was reviewing a surveillance tape.

– Patti Kinney