Our Mission

Our mission is to create interactive wellbeing programs – empowering people to work together to promote positive relationships and wellbeing.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which people are more respectful of themselves and others, and feel empowered to work together to build happier lives for all.

Our Story

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Readymade Productions was originally established as a film and television business in the mid ‘80s and has more than one hundred productions to its credit, ranging from feature films to television, from independent documentaries to commissioned programs for corporate and government clients. Every production had been delivered on time and within budget.

Over the years we have specialised to became an industry leader in using storytelling as part of more extensive programs addressing various relationship-based issues and wellbeing.

CF2-300wDriven by a passion to help build a more respectful society, Readymade’s Founder Christopher Faull decided to harness the capacity of film, coupled with robust interactive instructional design, to emotionally engage participants – creating a series of programs promoting social cohesion and wellbeing.

Many of these programs were produced under our Stories of Us banner, developed in collaboration with focus groups then rolled out for widespread implementation. For example, with our secondary school bullying prevention program we collaborated with school students to produce highly authentic films encapsulating their experience. The program’s instructional material was developed with specialist psychologists, and the resource is now widely used in Australian schools.

Stories of Us attracted international acclaim and the support of leading scholars in Australia, USA, Canada and the UK. With the support of some of America’s leading universities we established Stories of Us (USA), and the first series of American programs are now in general release and are already in use in 36 states.

Readymade recently developed it’s Online Group Methodology to create staged, highly authentic filmed group meetings whose participants’ shared experience and opinions influence and educate a large, targeted sector of the community or workplace. Presented in modules, the film material forms the core of interactive wellbeing programs. A recent example is the Readymade initiative, Family Drug Support Online.

For more information about our work: Interactive Wellbeing Programs, and General Filmmaking.



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